Bodily Injury Liability

You Snooze You Lose-Even When Shopping for Car Insurance

If your heart races at the mere mention of “shopping” your heart rate probably slows to a life threatening pace at the mention of “shopping for car insurance.” Even now your eyes are already beginning to glaze over. That surge of energy you felt at the thought of visiting your favorite shops have now dissipated [...]

High Risk Drivers & DUI Laws

As per Florida policy, or other US state for that matter, you are required to pay a hefty sum as insurance premium, if you are considered to be a high-risk driver. Auto insurance companies in Miami, Florida ask for you to provide all details of your car to become eligible to obtain insurance. These insurance [...]

Miami Auto Insurance

Are you looking for affordable auto insurance in Miami, Florida? You are not alone! Thousands of people living in Miami are faced with increasing insurance premiums every year. That is way our mission is to help people, just like you, find the coverage they need at the cheapest possible rate. Did you know that most [...]