Collision Coverage

Fundamental information and facts concerning no fault auto insurance and Personal Injury Protection

Typically, no fault car insurance, also referred to as PIP Insurance, refers to any type of insurance contract where the insured is compensated for losses by his insurance carrier, no matter whose fault a car accident actually is. No fault insurance strives to offer practical medical coverage for those injured in vehicle accidents especially in [...]

Miami Auto Insurance

Are you looking for affordable auto insurance in Miami, Florida? You are not alone! Thousands of people living in Miami are faced with increasing insurance premiums every year. That is way our mission is to help people, just like you, find the coverage they need at the cheapest possible rate. Did you know that most [...]

Car Insurance Companies Miami, FL

Are you trying to find cheap auto insurance company in Florida? There are numerous companies in Florida, but you only need to know how to find the right one for you. An effective way of doing it is via an insurance comparison website. The Internet makes it easy nowadays to shop for cheap car insurance [...]

What is GAP Insurance and Why Will You Need It?

As soon as you thought you knew every little thing about insurance – along comes gap insurance. Even though it may sound pointless, gap insurance coverage is essential for renting. And in case you made a small down payment when purchasing a car, a gap policy can be lifesaver too. However, let’s explain why it [...]

Vital information in case you are thinking of moving over to liability only insurance coverage

A lot of consumers are wondering if it is a solid idea to switch from full coverage to liability only insurance. Choosing automobile insurance can indeed be quite confusing. There may be quite a few options and terms that you are unfamiliar with. You can understand automobile insurance a little better by familiarizing yourself with [...]